Radio Stations Privacy Policy

This privacy policy includes details about data collected from the Indian Radio Stations how that data is used.

The Indian Radio Stations app does collect anonymous usage data. This allows us to determine what stations are most popular and what features are most useful so we can continue to improve the app in the future. Furthermore, these datas may be used to serve additional services to 3rd parties like station statistics. NONE of these services will include sensitive information/personally identifying data if not permitted by you.

In some instances Indian Radio Stations may communicate with a 3rd party servers to obtain latest data for display within the app (such as rss feeds, artist/song images and information) . When this happens – we don’t transmit any data about you or your usage to these 3rd parties except where explicitly stated. Please check these 3rd parties (where applicable) for their additional privacy policies.

Please be aware the data collected does not include your original device identification numbers, your real personality or your personal data. Furthermore we cannot access your phonebook, camera, purchase history or billing information.

If you have questions please click here to contact us.